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It’s been a heady 12 months since we launched to market in January 2015. Having established ISAAC almost 18 months earlier, we spent a very long time in R&D, perfecting our market offering and adding to our range of SharePoint Applications, before we hit the ‘go’ button.

We had always believed that SharePoint was a very powerful, yet raw platform that could do many things if you had the time or budget to build a specialist team of developers. But how many companies do? or are prepared to commit that much resource to a less than obvious platform, when there are so many ‘function specific’ apps already on the market?

That got us to thinking; we all love the idea of collaboration – one company, one ecosystem, one team. Right? Right.. And, we are all pretty familiar either through our own experiences or those of our customers, friends and loved ones, that one of the biggest stresses in our working lives, comes from spreadsheet after spreadsheet of processes and workflows – and that’s just to keep the ship upright, before you start propelling it forward!

Office 365 made a huge difference in finding answers to many of the dilemmas we face; one single platform that provides email, personal storage, business storage, instant messenger, IP calling, multiple device access, corporate social platform, all your office apps, web access, mobile access etc etc etc……. (it’s a long list!)

What we all realised here at ISAAC however is that, the business storage area – SharePoint – does way more than 99.9% of you realise – and that’s not your fault; we, and Microsoft, haven’t made it obvious- so we at ISAAC created a series of apps, developed in SharePoint, designed to make the most of it’s collaborative features and it’s incredible computing power – as a result, we have a suite of apps that will solve most (if not all) of your daily frustrations.

  • CRM for Sales & Marketing (including Oxygen-CRM for small businesses)
  • Intranet for the Whole Company
  • HR, Projects, Customer Service, IT Help Desk and many more

Each works out of the box. Each works independently or as part of a larger suite. Each has document management capabilities.. But most importantly, each can be adapted to fit your own business workflows and processes perfectly. That means – and this is deadly serious – it is the end of spreadsheet driven workflows. Consign them to history, kick them out, use them to manage your household bills, but do not, whatever you do, rely on them to drive your business workflows.

We have a simple belief that people should be allowed to be people and that technology and machines should manage automated workflows.

This is the answer to future proofing the technology within your business. Why not put us to the test today