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This month’s most popular product: HR Element

ISAAC HR Portal for SharePoint was this month’s most popular product amongst our customers. Here is a brief overview of how it changes organisations radically in a short amount of time.

What are Elements?

ISAAC SharePoint Applications are fully featured software packages developed on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform with an aim to deliver the right balance of ease of use, customisability and cost control.

From a software development point of view, SharePoint Applications sit in between an in-house/3rd party developed custom software and an off-the-shelf software package (e.g. Simply Personnel). While a custom build software package has unlimited customisation opportunities, it usually turns out to be very expensive and difficult to support in the long run. On the other hand, while an off-the-shelf software package usually comes at a low cost, it offers a very limited set of customisation options, eventually resulting in the software package dictating how the department runs.

ISAAC Elements offers the right balance between these two, offering maximum customisation potential at a very competitive cost point. If you are an Office 365 customer, you will not have additional license costs as SharePoint is already part of your plan. If you are not, we simply deliver an Office 365 based SharePoint deployment as part of our solution, providing you a future-proof infrastructure not only for HR, but also for your CRM, Project Tracking, IT Support requirements.

What is different with HR Element?

In any organisation, the HR department is usually one of the most demanding teams in terms of business processes and workflow management due to regulatory requirements. However, we also observe that in most organisations the HR department is expected to deliver a stringent process compliance with a limited number of staff due to cost restrictions. ISAAC HR Element closes this gap from day-one, seamlessly integrating your processes to the team’s day to day workflows.

HR Element Highlights

Strictly process and approval driven employee lifecycle allows you to tailor every stage, from recruitment approvals, interviews, on-boarding to active employee management and termination. Workflow can be defined to impose the right level of process control for your organisation, requiring the right amount of approvals and prerequisite information before proceeding to the next stage.

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 All common employee functions from certifications and benefits to contract variations and disciplinary actions tracking. Any management reports can be created with one click, supported with intuitive charts.

One of the main features our customers keep mentioning over and over again is Service Request functionality within the HR Element, to enable departments to track every request in real-time instead of relying on e-mails or tap-on-the-shoulder approach which is usual for most HR departments.

Most of our customers use module to track probation and performance reviews. HR Element automatically creates tasks for probation and performance review and notifies managers when these are due. Furthermore, it provides reporting to ensure performance ratings adhere to organisation’s desired norms across all departments.

Contact us today for a live demo and to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.

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