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ISAAC are a company that was born in the cloud, without the burden of needing to migrate legacy systems to newer more flexible hosted environments. Being a Microsoft partner, we were early adopters of their Office 365 platform and have helped many businesses make the move to the cloud, to enjoy increased resilience, flexibility and productivity.

Migrating email and documents to the cloud is often the first step for many businesses, but powerful platforms, like Office 365 and SharePoint Online, offer much more than just storage and email services. However, all the options available can be confusing to many business owners and operations professionals. To that end we are pleased to launch or simplified Office 365 services website:


We want to make the move to the cloud simpler and easier, so you can concentrate on your business’ future and not the next upgrade you need for your infrastructure.

On top of our Office 365 Migration and Care services, we have also created a collection of business applications, that can be deployed and integrated into SharePoint Online, to help improve business functions and supercharge your processes. Elements for Office 365 include CRM, HR, Project Management and Intranet solutions.

If you’d like to talk about how best to plan moving your business to the cloud, why not get in touch. We’re here to help.