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The Oxygen Digital Workplace accelerates and simplifies your Digital Transformation.

Engage and empower employees to collaborate like never before.

The Oxygen Digital Workplace for Office 365 is a human-centric, fully managed solution, designed to put people at the core of your digital transformation journey.

It's engaging

It's collaborative

It adapts to the way you work

It's human centric

It's scalable

Oxygen from ISAAC - making Digital Transformation human

More and more organisations are turning to ISAAC to accelerate their Digital Transformation; from those just starting out to those who have lost their way, ISAAC’s uniquely human-centric approach to digital transformation ensures project success, whatever your size.  

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the implementation of new digital technologies designed to initially enhance and streamline business workflows, processes, and operations. Freeing employees from administrative process shackles, resulting in a highly collaborative environment, defined by trust, where information flows freely and securely between the people that rely on it. 

In today’s world, and as a direct result of the proliferation of cloud technologies, digital transformation occurs both at far greater pace, and at reduced cost than it ever has previously.  

ISAAC help companies digitally transform their business and processes  Meet every user in their comfort zone and manage everything from processes to people with the Oxygen Digital Workplace 

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