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Cloud Signature Manager

Consistent and professional email signatures, for all your users, from all devices

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Cloud Signature Manager allows companies on Office 365 to centrally design and manage email signatures for any user sending email from any device.

Companies send countless emails everyday, making your email footer a prime position to get your message across as well as presenting your brand in a consistent and professional way. While you may encourage users to follow company policy and keep their Outlook signature up to date, this is difficult and time consuming to enforce.

People send emails from their PC, their laptop, their tablet or mobile phone, from an internet cafe. Each email sent is an opportunity to present your business the way you want it seen. Cloud signature manager enables you to get it right all the time, no matter who sends the email or where they send it from.


Simple to use

Control all email signatures from a web browser, with no need to install or download anything and choose from signature template designs of all varieties, designed by the market leaders in dedicated email signature solutions.



All Office 365 users get a full, dynamic and professional email signature when sending from every device, including smartphones, tablets and Macs.



Add contact details taken from your Office 365 Directory, guaranteeing that every user has the correct information in their email signature.


Increased ROI

Realise the marketing potential in every email your business sends. Easily add additional email signature elements like social media icons, promotional banners, events news and more.


Up to Date

No need to pay for version upgrades, or suffer downtime while systems are upgrading: Updates are included in your subscription. New features are rolled out to Office 365 subscribers regularly.

Features at a glance


Professional templates

Equipped with a library of professional email signature templates. You can even create a signature as bitmap graphic with embedded web links.


Endless possibilities

There is no end to how many email signatures you can create. We can even design a custom signature for you if you can’t see a template you like.


Flexible options

Create email signature templates for individual users, employees who speak in various languages, different groups/departments or for the entire organization.


Easy to use

The UI has been designed for users of all IT abilities and email signatures can easily be created by any authorized user. You’ll also be able to see how signatures look before you send them to your users.


Instant updates

Easily alter any elements in an email signature and see the amends instantly. Want to add a new certification or logo? Do it in seconds and in real time.

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