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Our History

We created ISAAC to enable businesses to leverage technology and realise the potential in their people. Using our range of business tools to simplify processes and automate manual workflows, employee engagement, morale and job satisfaction flourishes and people and businesses thrive.

Established in June 2013, we help our customers on a journey to seamless collaboration by using Office 365 to connect the dots between individuals, information and organisational intelligence. By providing best-practice enterprise productivity tools that are easy to use and work just right, our customers can build the environment they want, one step at a time.

Our Vision

To transform employee engagement through the simplification of operational processes

We see a world where individuals, information and organisational intelligence integrate seamlessly. While modern technology is hugely powerful, it can be challenging to connect the dots to make it work together effectively. ISAAC gives you the building blocks to start getting the most out of Office 365, making it fit around how you work. We believe it’s about taking things one step at a time, building a powerful home for your company’s productivity, collaboration and communication.

Our Team

Jason Yeomans

Managing Director

Iain Parker-Strak

Business Development Manager

Stuart Durrell Potter

Creative Director

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Garth Paul

Business Development Director – Australia & Asia

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